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Accessories provide a dealership with a distinct income stream. Apart from a prominent parts counter, many dealerships today have attractive display areas in their showrooms showcasing their available accessories. Simply put, if they're out of sight from your customers, they'll surely be out of mind - displays plant seeds. Some dealerships have sales procedures in place that allow for the sale of accessories. Proactively selling accessories increases the gross profit per unit, helps to close more deals, helps to preserve the front-end gross profit of a sale and provides additional gross profit for fixed operations. Here are some strategies for you to consider:
Strategy #1: The salesperson shows a customer a catalogue, laminate/sheet saver or a slide show just before preparing a proposal. The salesperson asks the customer how they would like their new vehicle customized so that they can work the costs into the payments or into the grand total if it's a cash purchase. The customer selects the accessories from what was presented and the salesperson returns with a proposal inclusive of accessories and more gross profit and the salesperson is compensated accordingly.
Strategy #2: The salesperson presents a customer with a catalogue, laminate/sheet saver or a slide show of accessories after a deal has been consummated. The salesperson asks the customer to select some of the accessories that they would like to complement their purchase or lease. Many dealerships elect not to display pricing on the customer wish list but rather boxes so they can check off their preferences. The salesperson indicates to the customer that the Business Manager has the prices and will work out the payments or total for them. The Business Manager first presents the core line of products and then either calculates the additional cost or the increase in payment for the accessories. In this case, the Business Manager is compensated and the salesperson is spiffed or receives a bonus as is the case with other aftermarket products sold in the Business Office.
Strategy #3: There is no set-up by the salesperson and the Business Manager presents the accessories to a customer after he/she has presented their core line of products and attempts to sell them as a payment if it's not a cash deal.
Strategy #4: Some dealerships in the US have two turn-overs; one to the accessory manager and then one to the Business Manager. Some larger size dealerships have developed a separate and dedicated accessory department often complementing their efforts with an on-line strategy marketing the accessories on a new and distinct website. The accessory managers are compensated for their productivity and salespeople receive a bonus for any accessory sales.
Strategy #5: With the limited available gross profit on price leaders today that either you or your manufacturer advertises, many dealers elect to attractively accessorize a price leader model. Most customers will want the more attractive model that has more available gross profit and if they leave to visit another same-brand dealership, they are unlikely to find the accessorized model that you have to offer. This is an excellent strategy!

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