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Extended Warranties
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Vehicle manufacturers have done an outstanding job of enhancing their warranty plans for both new and used vehicle buyers, yet with many customers financing their vehicles over longer terms, many are seeking to match their comprehensive warranty coverage with the term of their loan or lease.
An extended warranty provides the solution: a mechanical insurance plan and owner BENEFITS' program that can provide repair cost protection, cost certainty and convenience to a vehicle owner for up to 8 years.
Extended warranties help dealers sell more vehicles, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty and provide an excellent source of gross profit.

Third party warranty companies have also done an excellent job at enhancing their available plans and the level of coverage to customers. With the explosion of independent used vehicle operators across the nation, third party warranties have risen to the call. They offer basic powertrain options to comprehensive plans that also cover glass, dents, tires and rims. They have varying pricing and a range of deductibles to offer customers the coverage they need on a plan that they can afford. Today, we see many new vehicle dealerships choose one or more third party extended warranty companies to compliment their manufacturer's program.

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