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Use some statistics to help sell more anti-theft products:
The facts on auto theft:
  • The stolen car industry is a 600-million a year illicit industry in Canada.
  • In Ontario, more than 52,000 cars are stolen each year.
  • Sixty per cent are recovered in what are called transportation crimes (used and dumped).
  • The remainder are the result of organized enterprise auto theft.
  • Currently, 18,000 stolen cars remain unaccounted for in Ontario. That number doesn't include trucks, trailers or heavy equipment.
  • The cost of auto theft to the public is 1. 2 billion a year. This equates to 48 per insurance policy holder.
  • In Canada, 40 to 65 deaths or injuries a year are directly related to auto theft. Information provided by the Ontario Provincial Police Auto Theft Team
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