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June 2013 Edition: The Amazing Business Manager

DrivePur launches in Canada!


Originally only available in the United States, PurLife Distributors has officially launched the DrivePur Protection System in Canada, providing consumers with the ultimate protection for their vehicles and RV’s— the DrivePur protection system removes odours and kills multiplying germs on contact. It’s safe for your customers and a tested, tried and proven product that has been used in hospitals, laboratories and public buildings and now available for dealers in Canada to sell.
Studies show that the interior of a vehicle is one of the unhealthiest environments that people can be exposed to on a daily basis. In fact, the average vehicle can contain over FIVE times the Volatile Organic Compound rating allowed by day care centers. That’s 10 times more than the average household!
The DrivePur Protection System is an environmentally friendly water-based formula. It’s a marvel of science that relies on ACTiVSHIELD Technology, resulting in the strongest and longest-lasting antimicrobial coating on the market. The nano-thin coating continues to eliminate harmful bacteria, germs, allergens and foul odours up to 12 months.
The DrivePur Protection System can be used by dealerships in 4 ways:
  1. a line product in the service department sold annually to customers just as an oil change or tire rotation for repeat profits
  2. a stand-alone product sold in the Business/Finance office 
  3. an enhancement to a vehicle protection package sold in the Business Office or as 
  4. an inclusive added-value treatment applied to all vehicles providing a competitive marketing edge offering potential customers a reason to buy at their dealership
A DrivePur treatment literally takes about 15 to 20 minutes and can be applied using state of art fogging equipment placed on the passenger seat of the vehicle. It can be applied outside, inside your shop or even your drive-thru by anyone trained to use the equipment. With heightened social awareness and demand for health products and protection, DrivePur will be a highly desired product for your customers; and best of all, it’s a low cost solution that will add well-needed profits to your bottom line. If you click through to this link (, Dr. Oz conducted a segment on his very popular afternoon talk show that clearly demonstrated the problem and opportunity.
Service department profits are not increasing and dealers have searched for years for another product that can be sold in their Business Offices that provide true value for their customers. Now there’s DrivePur.
DrivePur products will not be available in department stores as only licensed dealers, trained and certified will be able to provide the treatments and protection. Check out the Website and video at
For licensing and certification information, dealers should contact

DrivePur Canada is seeking regional representation:DrivePur-Career

Don't 'shoo' away your reps:
Most of us have done it - ‘shoo’d’ away your supplier representatives who come in to visit you. You can’t afford to do this! Set up a recurring day of the month and time slots where you can provide your reps with your undivided attention. You need to see your reps. They provide you with industry insights, valuable tools, rebuttals to objections as well as tips and strategies that they gather in their travels from visiting other dealerships. If you ignore them, they might just forget about passing on some valuable Intel.

When taking a credit application, build more rapport with your client by asking questions about their family, occupation and recreation. By doing so, you’ll discover a wealth of information that you can use to tailor your presentations and valuable information that you can use to close a product sale or use as a rebuttal.

Improve profitability on lease transactions:
There are many dealerships that enjoy high lease penetration levels but suffer with regards to the back-end profitability of those transactions. One area to focus on with a customer is minimizing their cost of ownership. Consider these other vehicle protection products and warranties to offer your customers:
  • Tire and rim warranty
  • Dent and ding warranty
  • Key fob replacement
  • Windshield repair/replacement
  • Interior ‘rip, tear or burn’
  • Rewards program
Another strategy is to have your sales manager desk a deal with an excess wear and tear waiver included in the lease payments to the customer. This should only be done when the customer’s commitment level is high. A high commitment customer can be identified when the customer says “Yes” or “Maybe” to the question: “If the numbers are agreeable, can we do some thing today?”
Be sure to present extended warranty options; many customers may be higher kilometer drivers and their factory comprehensive warranty will run out sooner leaving them exposed to mechanical repairs. Vehicle appearance and protection products like paint, interior and stone guard protection could be presented in a package to offer a lease customer value and rust proofing can be branded as ‘sound guard’ providing a quieter ride. Window tinting is growing in popularity and also another consideration.
Affordable lease protection for illness, injury, loss of employment should be offered—if you are using a carrier that has expensive premiums, consider complementing your offerings with more affordable solutions. Always introduce your lease presentation as follows: “The lender will want to know what level of lease protection you would like to register on your lease today. I’ll quickly review what you are eligible for so you can make an informed decision.”

Use analogies to help you sell:

Why do people buy and place a BBQ cover on their new BBQ? So that their new BBQ won’t rust!

Even today’s stainless steel BBQ’s have regular steel in the framework and lower parts. Most alloyed metals including steel contain iron. When iron is exposed to moisture and air, rust will occur. If it’s worth spending $50 to $80 to protect a $500 BBQ, doesn’t it make sense for your customer to consider investing a $1,000 or so for a comprehensive protection package to protect a $35,000 vehicle?
→ Why do people shine their shoes? make them look good and last longer.

→ Why do people put sun screen on their skin? protect themselves from harmful UV rays.

Use non-mechanical  features, benefits and savings to sell more extended warranties:
Mobility is no longer a privilege for most of your customers but rather a necessity. The rental vehicle assistance that most extended warranties offer your customers is a huge selling feature that needs to be stressed upon in any presentation.
Trip interruption is also a common feature that offers your customers added non-mechanical benefits. Some extended warranty suppliers offer enhanced coverage to include medical assistance while traveling and a loss of employment benefit! Most customers realize than an extended warranty will pay for mechanical repairs but are unaware of the non-mechanical benefits that are offered.
When you start your next warranty presentation, start out by reviewing the coverage that is on the vehicle and especially the limitations. This will create a need and curiosity. Now introduce your solution and grab your customer’s attention with some terrific non-mechanical features and benefits and “WOW” them. You’ll see how more receptive they’ll be at registering one of the plans they are eligible for.
A recent on-line search at C.A.A.’s website revealed that a ‘Premier’ membership costs $143 annually and an additional $113 for a second person on the account—plus tax of course. The coverage is honoured for individual members and not the vehicle. While this type of roadside assistance provides valuable coverage, it’s pale in comparison with the robust coverage your extended warranties provide. Consider showing the savings by comparing the cost of maintaining a C.A.A. membership past the manufacturer’s warranty period .

Disability Insurance rebuttals:
“If you’re sick and in the hospital, I can send you a get well card. If you have the coverage, I can send you a cheque with it.”

“If your group plan is as good as what you hope it to be, you can look at the coverage like an ‘income bonus plan.’ Most people could use and additional (X) dollars per month towards their other bills or living expenses—could you?”

Extended warranty rebuttals:
“Consider this perspective. I’ll make a deal with you to give you $1.35 each day for the next 6 years but for the next 7 years, you’ll have to pay for all of my repairs bills after my comprehensive warranty expires. Not only that but, you’ll also provide me with a rental vehicle when my vehicle is tied up for repairs, pay all of my towing charges or pay for any roadside assistance I may require should I run out of fuel, lock my keys in the vehicle or need a boost. If my vehicle is tied up for repairs overnight while I’m away on vacation or on a business trip, you’ll also be required to pay for my accommodations and meals. Would you take that deal?...that’s exactly what you’re eligible to register.”

“If you think that you’ll have difficulty budgeting for those few extra dollars now, how will you pay for a $1500 repair bill 4 or 5 years from now? Would you use your debit or credit card?...and your credit card is at 18% or more?...if the service department allowed you to pay that bill monthly and at a far lower interest rate, would you still use your credit card?... That’s exactly what you can do now and never have to worry about repairs for up to 7 years.”

General rebuttal for someone who can write-off their vehicle payments:
“Do you happen to be one of those fortunate individuals who can write of part of their vehicle payments against their income?...I thought so. Will Revenue Canada pay for your repair bills after your comprehensive warranty expires, pay for rental vehicles when your vehicle is tied up over night, your hotel and meals if that happens while traveling or even your vehicle payments for you should you be off work due to an illness or injury and even if you lose your job or are laid off? Most customers will register all of the protection plans and have the government pay for part of them.”

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