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F and I (Business office)Trainers:

What should you look for in an F and I (Business Office) trainer?

  1. They should have experience working as a Business Manager in a dealership for a number of years with a proven track record and ideally as a sales consultant or in an upper management capacity if possible. 
  2. They themselves have completed a credited formal F & I training program and participates in on-going learning.
  3. They train nationally for all franchised dealerships, independent used vehicle operators,suppliers, the lenders and the manufacturers.(they fully understand your demographics, the culture of your store or brand and have had experience dealing with such variables)
  4. They have proven training track record of success. (just because a trainer generated a high gross profit per unit average as a Business Manager does not necessarily equate to his or her abilities to develop Business Managers)
  5. Review their testimonials and feel at liberty to contact their previous clients and most importantly your own suppliers / lenders. (results' driven trainers usually work for major suppliers for obvious reasons - if one of your supplier offers training, the training can be self-serving so just because it's free, don't limit your resources)
  6. They "walk the talk": they...
  • offer real world solutions with no theory or conjecture
  • are able to execute turn overs competently using any sales process
  • have the ability to overcome any objections
  • provide sample scripts for every product presentation
  • provide P.O.S. materials
  • provide multiple sales processes to choose from (there are at least 5 currently being used)
  • provide multiple presentation strategies
  • know how to get more deals approved and delivered
  • know how to read a credit report and understand lenders appetites
  • are competent at dealing with credit challenged customer scenarios
  • have modern and effective strategies for converting cash from savings or cash from credit line customers
  • have established relationships with lenders and suppliers to provide you with resources and 'under-the-radar' strategies and Intel
  • have the ability to leverage other departments, managers and salespeople to support the Business Office
  • are able to provide you with a consultative report about your department before you invest in their services
  • provide action plans for the Business Office and the Business Managers and all departments
  • provide reports after each training or coaching session
  • provide an on-going development and support strategy (training is not a one tom event but rather a process)
  • provide modern and effective strategies to promote the sale of Business Office products in the dealership, on your website and in your marketing executions)
  • provide entertaining yet informative training to keep Business Managers engaged and motivated to improve
  • hold Business Managers accountable for improvement
Results' driven Business Office ( F&I ) trainers will always provide you with solutions.

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