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Training & Consulting
The Business Manager plays a critical role in customer satisfaction ensuring that customers are provided with the features and benefits of an extended warranty, loan or lease insurance and other vehicle protection products that increase the look and life of their vehicles. The Business Manager plays an even more critical role in the overall success and sustainability of today's modern dealership.

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F&I Training Programs and Workshops

BM5: The Professional Zooom Business Manager ProgramBM5

BM3: The Professional Business Manager Program

BM2: The Advanced Business Manager Program (2 Day Workshop)

BMSP-1: The Hybrid Salesperson/Business Manager 1 DayBMSP1

BMISP-1: The Importance of Financial Services and Products 1 DayBMI

BML-1: Understanding and Presenting Leasing 1 DayLease

BMR-1: The Renewal - Portfolio Manager Workshop 1 DayRenewal

WyeBMC-1: Convert CASH and LOC Customers 1 Day

BM-ID: In-Dealerhsip Training and Coachingin-dealership

Special Finance (Non-Prime and Sub-Prime)

SF-1: How to Set Up and Profit from a Special Finance 
(Non-Prime and Sub-Prime) Department: 1 DaySF1

"New" Sales Manager Training Programs

SM-3: The Professional Sales Manager Academy 3 DaysSalesManagerAcademy

For other sales and management workshopsWye



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