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How to Generate Non-Prime Leads:

Your objective with regard to marketing and advertising is to develop a strategic plan to generate leads.
Marketing is the activity that utilizes all of your resources to direct your target market to your products or services. Marketing influences the buying decision at all points of influence and contact.
Credit is a sensitive issue for most of your target market and the manner with which you engage and manage these prospects is critical. Most successful Non-Prime departments will treat their clients with total respect and sympathy. They understand that they are there to legitimately help the customer re-establish credit and provide safe and reliable transportation. With these thoughts in mind, training your salespeople becomes the most crucial element of your marketing strategy. This will be the difference that sets you apart from other so-called Special Finance departments.
Advertising is just fishing for customers!
Create Your Own Marketing Game Plan:
Step 1: Decide who you want to target market.

Step 2: Identify where your target market is.
Step 3: Determine the most cost effect way(s) to communicate to your target market
Step 4: Set a budget.
Step 5: Develop a positioning statement or slogan.
Step 6: Determine your advertising mix.
Step 7: Develop a campaign.
Step 8: Ensure that you have the processes in place to convert your leads into appointments.          
Step 9: Measure and monitor results.
Step 10: Manage your marketing game plan.
For more information on how to generate more Non-Prime leads, contact Hector Bosotti, National Trainer & Consultant with Wye Management.

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