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October 2012 Amazing Business Manager Edition:

How long should a turn over take?

How long should a turn over take?
Many dealers, sales managers and Business Managers struggle with this question and sometimes industry statistics lead them to the incorrect conclusions. The problem with many conclusions from statistics is that they're based on limited or selected statistics. For example:
  • What is the co-relation of customer satisfaction with the type of sales process employed by a Business Manager?
  • What was the customer satisfaction level if a Business Manager used a step-selling process?...a menu sales process?... a sandwich sales process?...a load, lock & fire sales process or a staggered turn over sales process?
  • How many products are presented on a turn over?
  • What is the co-relation between profit and the length of a turn over?
Keeping customers waiting to be seen by a Business Manager when multiple deals occur is definitely not customer friendly nor appreciated by salespeople. This is why staggered turn overs are growing in popularity. Many dealerships who do not employ a staggered turn over strategy (one at the time of sale and one at delivery) are dynamic enough to shift their normal turn overs to keep everyone happy during busy sales periods. Typically, tangible products are sold at the time of sale and intangible products are sold at the delivery turn over. Most top-performing Business Managers all share one common denominator; they all spend quality time getting to know their customer during the meeting and greeting step and when taking a credit application. The information gathered during these steps allow a Business Manager to tailor their presentations often inserting rebuttals into their presentation in anticipation of potential objections that will be offered when attempting to close their loan/lease and vehicle protection plans and products.

With a traditional 'time of sale' turn over, a Business Manager will need to present loan/lease/vehicle protection plans and products that include extended warranties. A proper presentation of these three core plans and products will take a professional Business Manager between 10 to 15 minutes. When you factor in the time taken at the meeting and greeting step, time taken to complete a credit application, time taken to pull and review a credit report, time taken to deal with any customer objections and time to review and complete the paperwork, could any individual do this in less than 30 minutes? There are many Business Managers who can complete a turn over in 15 minutes and their numbers certainly reflect the time invested. There are exceptional Business Managers who are comfortable using assumptive closing strategies. However, the level of customer satisfaction on these turn overs are questionable because customers are not provided with options. This type of a turn over does produce results but also cancellations when the customers realize what they have been 'jammed' with.

If you are a Business Manager and your turn overs typically take 45 minutes or longer, it should be a signal to you that your presentations are not economical and consistent. To develop effective presentations, it is highly recommended that you write out your presentations and determine id they accomplish the following:
  • create a need or curiosity
  • present a solution
  • present features and benefits
  • close with options (unless a menu selling sales process is being used)
If you have a concern over the length of your turn overs, have your presentations reviewed by a professional consultant and edit them to become more economical and effective utilizing modern P.O.S. materials and tools. Today, we see many Business Managers start to use Power Point slide shows to ensure consistency and effectiveness.

A rebuttal strategy for an extended warranty objection:

“If I gave you $1.42 per day for the next 5 years but, you would have to pay for all of my repairs (parts & labour) on my vehicle for the next 7 years, pay for all of my roadside assistance bills, a rental vehicle when my vehicle is in for repairs and pay for my hotel accommodations and meals should my vehicle breakdown when I away on business or vacationing , would that be a good deal for you? That’s exactly what you are eligible to register today.
Did you prefer the standard coverage or did you want to go with the most robust plan?"

A Great Sales Tip:

Find out from your suppliers which Business Managers outside of your trading area are doing a terrific job selling a protection plan/product that you are weak in. Call them and find out what they are doing and make some changes.

WirelessProtect™ poised to revolutionize
theft deterrent positioning.


Wireless Protect Inc.’s innovative full circle dealership programs were designed to increase brand awareness, improve Client retention, enhance Customer Service and incentivize Clients to continue purchasing their vehicles from your dealership. Revenues from their best-in-class wireless theft deterrent program fund the entire initiative.

WirelessProtect™ is the next generation in theft deterrent technology for the auto industry. It’s an innovative, state-of-the-art wireless identification system which combined with their customized dealer marketing, a F&I link to service features and integrated client rewards module, provides many more features and added Client benefits when compared to current etching products in the market today. The wireless radio frequency identification products have been in use for over 10 years within the heavy equipment and automotive channel and over 20 years in manufacturing, including major automotive brand manufacturing plants worldwide.
The RFID theft deterrent device offers protection against PIN/VIN tampering or removal. WirelessProtect™ is independently powered and installed separately from any other theft deterrent, alarm, theft recovery or asset tracking products.

WirelessProtect™ allows law enforcement and mobile identification teams to identify stolen assets, anytime, anywhere.

“Not only does WirelessProtect™ provide leading edge technology in theft prevention, it also enhances police officer safety by providing vehicle information prior to making contact with a potential suspect.”

Sargeant Gary Sonnenberg
Ontario Provincial Police (retired)
Ontario, Canada

WirelessProtect™ claims to have the Most Advanced Theft Deterrent System featuring:
  • Police Traceable Wireless Identification System
  • Industry leading warranty replacement benefits — Up to $4,000 replacement benefit and $2,500 comprehensive
  • No monthly monitoring fees 
  • Patented high performance RFID technology
  • Wireless Multi-Layered System — Only the owner knows the number of units installed and where
  • Up to 10 years of worry free operation
  • Durable weather resistant industrial housing designed exclusively for the auto industry
  • 3M Industrial Adhesive
  • Window decals to warn that your vehicle is protected
  • Customized client cards and window decals 
  • Limited 5 Year Warranty
  • Industry Canada Approved
Dealership Marketing and VIP Program:
  • Customized Client Cards —  WirelessProtect™ clients will carry a client card with them at all times that provides important information regarding the process to report their stolen asset. WirelessProtect™ has developed a customized client card program allowing participating dealerships to promote their own brand on the client cards, effectively putting dealership advertising space in the client’s wallet or hand bag. WirelessProtect™'s process for reporting a stolen or missing vehicle and contact information is on the reverse side of the Client card.
  • Customized Window Decals — WirelessProtect™ is unique in offering the opportunity for auto dealerships to promote their own brand, in addition to drawing attention to would-be thieves there is wireless theft deterrent technology installed in the vehicle.
  • VIP Program - Dealerships can also add additional value to the WirelessProtect™ program by providing additional customer data on the client card, such as the products and services customer purchased with their vehicle through the F & I Office and dealerships may choose to develop their own VIP program for those customers spending additional $$$ within the dealership. Such offers might include rewards multiple oil changes, fuel discounts, free winter tire storage or other loyalty rewards, etc.
WirelessProtect™ Dealer Connect:

The Dealer Connect functionality in Vehicle Armour’s back-end, establishes a link between the F & I office and the Service Department to link various products/services purchased such as Paint Protection, Insurance, Extended Warranty, etc to the customer’s Vehicle Armour Client ID Card#.
The program also allows dealerships using Vehicle Armour to assign Customer loyalty programs and track their redemption using Vehicle Armour’s registration portal with customizable interface.

F & I Products/Services:

  • Add multiple F & I Products on the fly, specific to your dealership and link them to the Customer’s Client Card ID#
  • Provide visibility to Service Department of what F & I products Customer purchased when they check in for vehicle service
  • Eliminate hours of unnecessary searching for Customer’s F & I purchases in front office files
Client Retention/Loyalty Programs:
  • Add Loyalty Programs to Customer’s theft deterrent Client Card ID profile on the fly...IE. Multiple Oil Changes, Car Washes, Tire Rotations
  • Use Service Login credentials to identify programs and check off services as they’re used
WirelessProtect Integrated Client Rewards Program:

The benefits of a Client Rewards program are an integral part of the WirelessProtect™ Theft Deterrent program. Dealership customers are automatically eligible for Client Rewards Program once their theft deterrent device has been registered on the system. Reward points are earned towards merchandise and other dealership offerings which accumulate with each visit to Service. Clients can redeem their points for dealer products and services or choose from an extensive catalogue of merchandise or the dealership can implement its own merchandise or services catalogue for a modest feel. Once a customer accumulates enough reward points to redeem for merchandise, it is shipped to the dealership for pick-up, allowing for increased interaction with Clients between buying cycles. WirelessProtect™ has also built in a Refer a Friend module, whereby dealership customers can earn additional points or services for referring a potential customer to the dealership.


In summary, WirelessProtect™ gives automotive dealerships a competitive advantage by equipping vehicles with true anti-theft technology combined with warranty replacement benefits at a competitive price. Consumers polled regarding the benefits of  WirelessProtect™ when compared to etching almost always favoured a physical asset over etching and many indicated they’d be willing to pay more to have this technology in their vehicle. All this and the ability to build the dealer brand, WirelessProtect™ is poised to revolutionize theft deterrent positioning without drastically changing the business process dealerships already have in place.

If you’d like further information regarding WirelessProtect™, please feel free to check out their website  or contact:

Paul Baltovich
Vice President, Business Development
Wireless Protect Inc.
1 (888) 375-0033


Career Opportunity: Special Finance Manager

We are a major new vehicle franchise dealership in Orillia, Ontario seeking an individual to champion our Special Finance Department. We are seeking an experienced and proven non-prime specialist who can leverage our resources, reputation and our commitment to spear-head this initiative.

The position will offer a qualified individual with a tremendous income opportunity and the support that most dealerships are unwilling to provide. If you have the credentials, we would like to speak with you.

Contact: in the strictest of confidence.


Improve your extended warranty sales:

The most common objections that Business Managers receive when attempting to close an extended warranty presentation is that their customers don’t see a need for the coverage. There are several strategies that can be used to create a greater need.
Using more graphics or P.O.S. materials will greatly improve your results. Notice in the diagram below, a vehicle’s comprehensive and powertrain warranties are matched to the number of payments a customer will be responsible for. The red area reflects the number of payments that a customer is exposed to mechanical repairs that may interfere with their repayment schedule. A few more strategies include:
  • Showing a graph demonstrating the probability of using an extended warranty
  • Showing a diagram of what repairs would not be covered under a comprehensive warranty and the cost of those repairs and
  • Showing the rising costs of repairs
If what you’re doing isn’t producing the results you want, start improving your presentations.


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