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Presentation Videos & Tools
Watch this audio slide show presentation of an extended warranty presentation:


Video presentations are the most effective new tool that top performing Business Managers and suppliers are using. Video production has been terribly expensive in the past and leaving the production up to someone who's not in the industry will surely not produce the most effective results. F-I Resource has a team of experts that can create corporate videos that sells and not one that just tells. As you would expect, we have a brilliant team of experts on hand to assist you.

Suppliers, Distributors or Brokers:

For years, aftermarket suppliers, brokers and distributors have had a formidable task in marketing their products or services and many hurdles still exist today. These challenges include:

For Dealers:

Presentation videos and slide shows are the latest marketing tools to sweep sales departments and Business Offices. Presentation videos or slide shows allow for a professional and engaging experience for the customer and allow your Business Office to deliver consistent presentations each and every time. Apart from using video in presenting Business Office products in your dealership, many Business Managers will use them when a deal is made over the telephone or from a great distance from the dealership. An e-mail with a video link is sent to the customer who is then able to view an engaging and professional presentation. A follow up call usually adds the extra products to the get ready work order. Some dealers will use presentation videos or slide shows when their Business Manager is off-duty, away from the dealership, ill or on vacation. Presentation videos and slide shows are not a substitute for Business Managers but a tool to enhance presentations and product sales. If you want to start producing more product sales in the Business Office, you have to start doing things differently. Don't sit on the sidelines until this idea pops up at a performance group meeting two years from now. You heard it today so, get in the game and call 1-855-832-0999 right now or contact us by e-mail for more information. contact us

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