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Non-Prime Financing
Non-Prime financing deals are generally associated with customers who are credit challenged and do not ordinarily meet with the lending policies of prime lending institutions or that of the manufacturers' finance divisions.

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Why the Sales Process Needs to be Differentnon-prime-sales-procedure

Myths about Non-Primemyths-about-non-prime

Generating Leadsgeneratining-non-prime-leads

Inventory and Payment Callspayment-calls

Geo Marketing Technology to Find Customersgeo-marketing

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Buy Here - Pay Here

You likely have agreements with most of the non-prime lenders available to you yet, you will still have a significant number of customers that do not qualify for an auto loan through your resources. Used vehicle operators see a greater number of credit-challenged individuals visit their lots because these customers have a perception that it will be easier to get an approval on a lower priced vehicle and the payments will be more affordable. Dealers have responded to this opportunity by developing their own solution-a Buy Here - Pay Here strategy.

Buy Here - Pay Here operations allow people with bad credit or who have difficulty meeting most financial institutions' lending parameters to drive again. Deciding to set up your own operation will depend on your risk tolerance and the resources that you can dedicate to manage a Buy Here - Pay Here operation. Inexpensive technology like immobilizers and GPS tracking systems exists today to monitor your inventory out on the road. These technologies allow a dealer to minimize delinquencies, receivables and personnel costs. If you choose to investigate a Buy Here - Pay Here strategy for your dealership, we recommend that you contact a consultant in order to avoid common mistakes that can easily thwart a tremendous opportunity. Some dealers recognize the opportunity but do not have the resources or tolerance to risk required so they elect to establish a business relationship with a local Buy Here - Pay Here operation. This is an excellent compromise as long as the other dealer will accept your vehicle as the asset on their loan.
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