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How to tap into the Non-Prime Market:

10 steps to develop a Non-Prime initiative:
  1. Research and understand the business and the customer.
  2. Manage your expectations. Set objectives and goals.
  3. Hire or assign a qualified individual to manage your Non-Prime initiative.
  4. Research and obtain dealer agreements with the Non-Prime lenders that you will want to work with.
  5. Train and educate the managers and salespeople that will be involved with the operation.
  6. Adopt or develop a Non-Prime sales process.
  7. Assess your inventory requirements.
  8. Assess and then develop your on-line capabilities.
  9. Assess and then develop a marketing and advertising strategy.
  10. Monitor and measure your results and make adjustments or corrections through your experience.

For more information on how to tap into the Non-prime market, contact Hector Bosotti, National Trainer & Consultant with Wye Management.


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